marc2When you are seeking financial independence like me, you focus a lot on the goal. And the closer you get to reaching it (not that I am that close), the more elated you become. Soon you can quit your job, soon you will be free. Imagine all the things you can do.

There’s nothing wrong with that. The journey to financial independence requires planning, saving, investing, perseverance. The reward better be good. I know it will be.

But you shouldn’t forget to live now as well. I’m stating the obvious. We know that we can and should do both. Seek financial independence – dream of the day we’ll be free – and at the same time live in the moment. There is a lot of joy to be found here and now. Lots of little things that can make us smile.

I am not going to list ‘happiness’ quotes. Okay one. Because you ask for it. My favorite.

“Happiness is a warm puppy”. Charles M. Schulz (the cartoonist who created Peanuts).


The other day I saw an episode of the hilarious Norwegian Vikings-parody called Norsemen on Netflix. There was a scene with a poor old slave who – after 20 years of slavery – was finally going to be a free man. It was his last day ‘on the job’.

He was cutting wood in the forest and had a conversation with some other slaves about what he would do when he was free.



Slave 1: “I’m a free man”

Slave 2: “What are you planning on doing?”

Slave 1: “Where should I start? I want to sample everything life has to offer. Soak up impressions,  especially visual impressions. I love looking at things. To stare, glance, gaze, squint, glare, gawk, ogle, study, observe, eyeball. And finally learn to read. These two eyeballs are surely going to be used”.


Not far from where they are cutting wood, a viking is working on his archery skills. At some point he tries to shoot two arrows at the same time, but misses the target. Instead the two arrows land exactly in the eyes of our – soon to be free – slave.

Suffice to say he will not use his eyeballs anymore.



The moral of the story? Netflix has some great shows!

And that we should remember to live for today as well. We don’t know whether arrows  – with our name on it – are already whirring down from the sky.

How about you?

Have you seen any good shows on Netflix lately?

What are your thoughts about living for today?

2 thoughts on “Live For Today

  1. Good points Marc. The thing is if someone’s not happy now then they’re not going to be happy when they’re FI either. It’s not a magic bullet. The journey to FI has to be about more than money or else the goal may well not have been worth securing.
    I often think that if I’m not interested enough to at least carve out a little time to try a hobby, or exercise, or see friends now then why do I think I’ll do it when I’m FI?
    Entirely agree with you that happiness is something to be sought today


    PS Also thinking about ditching Sky (yes I know I’m breaking all of the FIRE rules) to get Netflix (and possibly Now TV) so look forward to getting some viewing tips!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Caveman! Indeed, FI is not going to create happiness in and of itself. That has to come from within.

      Maybe I will stop my Netflix subscription at some point, but not before I have watched all episodes of Norsemen (and possibly a few other shows) 😉


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