Portfolio Update: March 2019

Awesome, spring has arrived! It's April Fools day and once again time for portfolio update. Exciting stuff right? To be honest, it was rather uneventful, which is not a bad thing. There were no major ups or downs and my company stock is a slight 1,5% up compared to last month. But up is up … Continue reading Portfolio Update: March 2019

The Power Of Stories

I do it all the time. Here on my blog. Go over all the numbers and charts related to my journey to FIRE I mean. Every month, one portfolio update after another. I often think it must be dreadfully boring to read them. Who cares whether my net worth is 1% up or down or … Continue reading The Power Of Stories

FIRE Aside: Building A Vintage Vacuum Tube Radio Receiver

Some time ago I built a mining rig for mining crypto-currencies ('Ether' to be more precise). I am not going to explain all the technical details, but it's a very powerful computer that does only one thing: Running a so-called hashing algorithm. Hashing is the transformation of an input into a usually shorter fixed-length output … Continue reading FIRE Aside: Building A Vintage Vacuum Tube Radio Receiver

Returns, Dividend Or Interest?

I found that many people appear to gravitate towards 'safe income' producing assets, like dividend-paying stocks. A dividend strategy can generate a "permanent" (more or less) form of income which can either be reinvested to boost wealth or be consumed without really impacting already accumulated wealth. Opting for a dividend strategy as opposed to relying on … Continue reading Returns, Dividend Or Interest?

Drunk Reflections In The Eye Of The (Financial) Storm

It's miserable outside. A full-blown storm rages. Howling winds and the sound of rain lashing against the windows. I turn back to my computer screen. It's not only chaos in a meteorological sense. The markets are also in turmoil. Trump, Brexit, trade wars, interest rates and the economic slowdown are taking its toll and have … Continue reading Drunk Reflections In The Eye Of The (Financial) Storm