Mintos Auto Invest Explained

In this post I will take a deep dive into the world of auto-investing on the Mintos crowdlending platform. It's a feature that allows you to let the platform invest your funds for you while you sit back and relax and  watch  your money grow. For those of you who are new to the concept … Continue reading Mintos Auto Invest Explained

Why Invest In Index Funds?

Investing isn't my second nature and I am scrambling up a steep learning curve to master the fundamentals. I sometimes feel like an inexperienced mountain climber who just realized he is afraid of heights while hanging off a cliff. The good news? While a mountaineer has little tolerance for mistakes, I can afford them. More … Continue reading Why Invest In Index Funds?

Early Retirement: Could A Bad Sequence Of Returns Annihilate Your Portfolio?

You had done all the right calculations. At least that's what you thought. And according to the math the accumulated invested capital was exactly what you needed to bridge the years from your early retirement until full pension age. Even the average return was very close to what you had used in your formula's. But … Continue reading Early Retirement: Could A Bad Sequence Of Returns Annihilate Your Portfolio?

Crowdlending: The Mintos Way

Crowdlending (also referred to as peer-to-peer or P2P lending) is the concept where individuals (lenders) pool funds together to lend money to other individuals (borrowers), typically brokered by an online platform. This form of lending is bypassing banks or other financial institutions. One such crowdlending platform is European based, which is the first platform I … Continue reading Crowdlending: The Mintos Way

Torwarthandschuhreiniger – Or How To Sail A Boat

German is notorious (or famous) for its compound words. In English you would say goalkeeper glove cleaner. But Germans stick words together to make longer ones and call it torwarthandschuhreiniger. Much to the despair of Mark Twain: I can understand German as well as the maniac that invented it, but I talk it best through … Continue reading Torwarthandschuhreiniger – Or How To Sail A Boat