Finance My Fire: An Update

Let me start with this: I am the guy who wrote he'd keep writing posts on this blog no matter what, but didn't for 1½ years. The guy who started the #microfiction series (see the top menu), which was so small only one tiny story was ever published! The truth is I 'disappeared' for a … Continue reading Finance My Fire: An Update

Portfolio Update: July 2019

July was awesome! I had a three week break from work and the weather cooperated beautifully. And because I had refrained from planning any trips I could submerge myself in vacation bliss from the very first moment after leaving the office. No suitcases to pack, no rushing to airports, standing in line at check-in counters … Continue reading Portfolio Update: July 2019

FIRE Aside: Building A Vintage Vacuum Tube Radio Receiver

Some time ago I built a mining rig for mining crypto-currencies ('Ether' to be more precise). I am not going to explain all the technical details, but it's a very powerful computer that does only one thing: Running a so-called hashing algorithm. Hashing is the transformation of an input into a usually shorter fixed-length output … Continue reading FIRE Aside: Building A Vintage Vacuum Tube Radio Receiver