On this page I’ll keep track of my investments in cryptocurrencies.

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Livepeer, a Decentralized (Live) Video Streaming Network

livepeer_logoI stake tokens with a transcoder in connection to a decentralized live video streaming network called Livepeer (built on top of the Ethereum blockchain). This earns me (daily) rewards in the form of newly minted tokens (and fees in Ether in due time).

Read more about Livepeer on Livepeer.org.

The following is a (semi) live chart of the number of tokens (Livepeer tokens or LPT) I stake and got rewarded as well as the corresponding value in US dollars. The underlying chart data (like number of rewarded tokens, the exchange rate) is refreshed regularly (but you need to reload the page to see it reflected in the chart).

Current token value in US dollar:

Number of staking rounds (roughly one round per day):

Average reward per round in US dollars:

More info

I buy and stake (bond) cryptocurrency to a video transcoder in a new blockchain based protocol for decentralized streaming of live video (called Livepeer). This involves the following steps:

  • Buy Ether on Coinbase
  • Send the Ether to another wallet (metamask)
  • Exchange Ether (ETH) for Wrapped Ether (WETH) on Radar Relay (token exchange) – called ‘wrapping’
  • Buy Livepeer tokens
  • Stake the tokens to my preferred transcoder (using the protocol explorer)

I know it sounds very technical but I will not go into more details here (I will save that for some later posts), but in the charts shown below you can see the development of total investment, total value, rewards and total rewards over time.

Think of rewards as ‘dividend’ or ‘interest’. Because I bond my tokens I get a share of newly minted tokens.

I get rewarded in tokens (which get staked by default = auto invested) but in the charts I convert the numbers to US dollars. Any fluctuations in token value will be reflected (just like share values are reflected in my charts).

Note that the charts below are based on static data that I update once a month. The numbers may therefore differ from the ‘live’ chart at the top of this page.

Below the rewards in a waterfall chart.