On this page you can see my current portfolio. You can find the monthly portfolio updates here.

Portfolio value, updated August 1st, 2019

The following pie-chart shows my overall portfolio, including the equity I hold in my mortgage-free home and my pension fund.

And below without the real estate (my home) and pension assets.

And my crowdlending/funding portfolio (desperately needing diversification).

Income/Gain June 2019

Income is the interest I receive for crowlending/funding investments as well as the (unrealized) capital gain (or loss) on my position of company stock. The latter fluctuates with the stock price and is therefore highly unstable.

Category Income/Gain Value
Company shares $1,616.64 $114,762.24
Mintos $20.72 $2,214.69
Livepeer $337.50 $3,586.80
Total $1,974.86
Company shares

These are RSU’s (restricted stock units) and shares purchased via my company’s ESPP program. The RSU’s vest over a 4 year period (last vesting date January 2019). Regarding the ESPP program, I save approximately 30% of my net salary for this. ESPP shares are purchased twice a year. In June and December.

See the below chart with month on month income (increase or decrease of capital gain).

Read more about the performance of company shares


Crowdlending is a construction where multiple individuals pool their funds together to fund a loan for another individual (or a business).  There are several crowdlending platforms and I will spread my investments over several of them to mitigate risks associated with having all money invested on one platform.

Investing in crowdlending is one of my strategies to diversify my portfolio. It has the potential to generate a steady, passive income stream.


See the below chart with month on month income.

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See the below chart with month on month income.