I love to write. I never wrote an entire novel, but I do write short stories every now and then. So why not combine my journey to FIRE with the other thing I love doing? Even better, why not invite other people in the blogosphere who love to write stories to do the same thing?

Why not start a new challenge?

#microfiction writing challenge

Can you say a lot in a little? I am challenging you to write a great, exciting, funny story, with an exciting plot and interesting characters, in less than 350 words!

There will be multiple rounds. I am thinking of bi-monthly, but this may change.

Each round starts with me publishing a post with a word. Your story must include the word. One way or another. For example, the word could be flood. How you use this word in your story is up to you.

See also my sample story.

It can be any genre, as long as it is fiction… (but use common sense. I will not link to overly graphic descriptions of people having sex or any other vulgar/obscene stories).

When you publish, make sure to include a link to the post in which I announced the word.  This will allow me to include an explicit link to your contribution. Or simply add a comment to my post with the link to your post.

You posted your contribution. Now what?

You join because you love to write. First and foremost you are doing this for yourself  (that’s how I look at it at least). It’s great fun to write ultra-short stories (but not necessarily easy).

Having said that, I hope a lot of people will enjoy the contributions and maybe feel inspired to participate as well when the next round starts.

At some point I would love to let a jury read all stories and pick the best. Maybe I even come up with some sort of prize. But don’t set your hopes too high 😉

What do you think?

Do you like the idea? Would you consider participating?

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