Hi followers. This is the first portfolio update and I am really excited to get started. In subsequent updates I will focus mainly on the applicable month, but because this update is the first I will also explain a bit about the months and years leading up to where I am today.

I have always had a good job (IT) and made more than the average person. But as investing wasn’t in my blood at all, it simply did not occur to me to make my money grow. I just had a savings account and felt good when I saw it getting bigger and bigger. I now realize that although it wasn’t wrong – better save your money than spend it all on useless things – I could have done much better.

And then again. I witnessed a lot of people losing money when the IT bubble burst in 2000. And again in 2008 with the housing/finance bubble.

So what changed?

One thing that changed was my outlook on life and my growing desire to have a better work-life balance. I am not at all fed up with my job, but due to the nature of my work I was living out of a suitcase at times. Weeks on end I was on the road and not really sure anymore where my home was. And I definitely didn’t have time for my interests and hobbies.

When my current employer offered restricted stock units (RSU’s) and in addition an employee stock purchase program (ESPP), I realized that this was a great opportunity to enter the stock market. To start investing.

The two changes, my desire for a better work-life balance and the opportunity to kick-start investments, naturally merged into one single goal. To make my money grow to an extent that it would allow me to be financially free. To retire early.

September 2018

The income for September 2018 looks like this


There is one line only. The reason is that I have just started to diversify my portfolio, but until the effects of the diversification kick in the portfolio remains…very blue.


Blue means company shares. It means RSU and ESPP.

Company shares

The income is far from the income in August – which was at a whopping $4294 – but it’s still a decent 1.2% increase of the capital gain: $752.10

This income is 100% generated by increase in stock price.


The company stock has been performing extremely well in the past year. I am not expecting this to continue and would settle for half the gain in the year to come. There is nervousness in the market as a result of the trade disputes between the US and China, Europe, Canada and others, the uncertainties surrounding Brexit (UK leaving the European Union) and various economic indicators that cause some downward pressure.

I really need to hurry with my diversification and will need to make sure I am ready for a possible recession as early as 2020.

Plans for October 2018

I plan on diversifying in two directions in October.

  • Crowdlending – $2000
  • Shares – $550

As far as crowdlending is concerned, I will start with Mintos.com. This appears to be an excellent platform with an impressive loan listing, buybacks, automated investing, etc. If you are not sure what crowdlending is, stay tuned because I will most certainly write a post about crowdlending in general and Mintos.com (and other platforms) in particular.

There is an IPO for a company that I find extremely interesting. The signup is until October 9th after which I will know whether I have been rewarded any shares. As you can see I plan on investing $550. In the next portfolio update I will let you know whether I got them or not and how they are performing.


One other achievement is that I got my website up and running. Based on the extremely easy to use WordPress.com.

The primary goal for me is to have a tool for documenting my own journey. Naturally, I hope people will find me, like what they see and subscribe for inspiration.


This was the first update folks. Please subscribe and you’ll be notified when I post the next portfolio update. Or any other post for that matter.

Happy investing!

2 thoughts on “Portfolio update: September 2018

  1. Congratulations on getting your site up and running and for building up that level of investments despite investment not being instinctive. I think that’s the same for many people – until we are educated, we don’t know what we don’t know and cash savings are the default.
    My company also offers ESPP and RSUs but I tend to diversify straight away – as soon as I am able, I sell and invest in an index with the proceeds. It feels a bit safer than having all my eggs in one basket.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah you are absolutely right. And diversification is my #1 priority. Well it should be. It is going to end in disaster otherwise. Or not… but this is also about avoiding gambling… I do love my ESPPs… they brought me where I am today.

      But I am definitely going to move some of that money away from those shares. Will check out the indexes soon!

      Liked by 1 person

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